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Best Hours for Canadian Online Stock Trading

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The best forex trading hours will be the time when the transaction volume is the highest presenting the greatest possibility to trade for the investor or trader
As forex is a virtual market where trading goes on round the clock you must know about the forex trading hours to make your venture most successful.

Generally, it is said that the time during 8:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT is the best time as forex trading hours as two major markets are open simultaneously. Let us explore in detail why it is so?

The most active forex trading hours are between the London markets opening time at around 8:00 GMT and the US market closing down around 22:00 GMT.

These two major markets for trading forex overlap between 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT. You will find the forex trading hours to be the most liquid as most of the traders are present actively.

In each time zone for all the markets in the world, forex trading hours is between 8 am and 4 pm. It opens in New Zealand, then Australia and Asia (primarily Japan).

Following the path the market for forex trading opens in the Middle East, following Europe (primarily London) and then the US. If you follow the standard EST then it is:

5pm - 1 am for Australia
7 pm - 3 am for Tokyo
9 pm - 5 am for Singapore and Hong Kong
2 am - 10 am for Frankfurt.
3 am - 11 am for London

If you think of forex trading hours in terms of sessions then you should consider trading in three major sessions. These are London session, US session, and the Asian Session.

The London Session of forex trading hours starts at 8:00 GMT and closes around 1600 GMT. You can trade with three major currencies -- GBP, EUR, and USD.

The US Session starts at around 13:00 GMT and closes around 22:00 GMT. The currencies that are the most actively traded during this session are EUR, AUD, USD, GBP, and JPY.

The Asian Session is said to be slow moving and records quiet forex trading hours or session on most days. The currency pairs are generally slow moving. So, if you are a day trader you may not earn much in trading during Asian sessions exclusively. Traders mostly work with JPY which is again slow moving unless otherwise there is some financial activities in the market.

Therefore, the best time to trade Forex will be the time when the London and US sessions overlap. You will find the market to be full of activities and highest participants. During this forex trading hours the currencies really move fast.

And because of the time span most of the financial news arrives at these hours to influence the market dynamically. So, if you wish to score some quick profits this is the time you should be active.

To many traders holiday trading looks to be very lucrative but during these forex trading hours there is no liquidity in the market. Banks and financial institutes are closed on these days and therefore two-way trading is very limited.

The prices can move in one direction very easily if there is some sudden news or large orders. The market behavior is quite unpredictable during forex trading hours in holidays. For day traders the technical indicators may fail because of market inactivity.

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