Risk Warning: About 80% of regular investors lose when trading CFDs. Should you make an investment, you could lose all of your money. Please consider that trading is a risky endeavour.
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A platform made entirely with CFD - Contract for Difference - trading in mind, XTrade is a great new way to go about trading real-time stock, indicies, currencies and commodities all through one single online platform; quickly, conveniently and easily. With XTrade, you'll have total control over exactly what it is you're trading, and when it is you're trading it. Many folks have, with an initial sufficient capital, gone from middle class to wealthy through CFD trading alone. To understand what XTrader is all about; however, one must first understand the ins and outs of CFD trading. If you already know such information, feel free to skip the following paragraph and continue on to the next one.

A CFD, or Contract of Difference, is an agreement made between you and, in this case, XTrade. The agreement states that XTrade will pay you the difference between an asset's current value and its value during a future time. The future time in question is referenced in the agreement and will vary from contract to contract. It should also be noted that, if a given asset's value falls and the difference is negative when the predetermined future time roles around, roles will reverse and you'll be the one paying XTrade the difference.

One of the things that makes XTrade so great is the large variety of assets on which Xtrade's user base can trade, making it perfect for those looking to diversify their portfolio and spread out the areas in which they park their cash, as any logical investor should already be doing. With hundreds upon hundreds of assets to trade on, you'll never run out of investment opportunities, no matter how any given market currently looks.

The trading software offered by XTrade is fully compatible in nearly all web browsers, no matter the browser or its version/update history. You'll find the web-based software in question to be fantastically smooth and operable, not only despite your browser of choice, but despite your computer of choice. Odds are, if you bought your computer in the last ten years, you'll have no issue running the XTrade software seamlessly and without crashing or freezing.

By signing on with XTrade and verifying the mobile number you register with your new account, you'll be given a free twenty dollars to begin trading immediately at no cost or risk to you.

It's also worth noting that, relative to many (though perhaps not all) CFD trading platforms, XTrade is many times more beginner friendly. To keep you (and, of coarse, themselves) successful by any means necessary, XTrade offers all users of their platform free, included education tools aimed at teaching new traders the difference between a good trade and a bad trade, or the difference between a fluctuation and an outright crash. Even if you feel you have nothing left to learn on the subject, it certainly can't hurt to take a look at what the pros have to think.

XTrade's banking systems are also a breeze. While perhaps not the utmost important factor to consider when looking for your ideal CFD trading platform, being able to withdraw and deposit money over a matter of minutes (if not seconds) is a huge convenience and something we can all appreciate. Banking transactions are all over sought by a third party company which ensures fair trading on the behalf of both you and XTrade, helping to establish a level of trust and dependability.

If you've been planning on getting your feet wet in the world of FOREX investment or offshore investment and don't know where to start, it's safe to say that XTrade should be near the top of your list of potential trading platform candidates. Through bonuses, easy banking and a large variety of assets to trade on, going with XTrade just makes sense, whether you're experienced or are a complete beginner.

Note: XTrade currently does not allow Canada Forex trading users.

Reviewed by: Canada Forex Portal

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As a promotion strategy, XTrade will match any deposits you make on anywhere from 20% to 60% of your deposited amount. The amount they match varies based on how much you deposit - a $120 deposit will net you 20%, reaching up higher every few hundred dollars up to a 60% match on a $2000 deposit.

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