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London, UK
+1 206 4515365
up to 85%
Binary Options, Long Term, 60 Seconds, One Touch, Pairs
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Titan Trade is among the foremost user friendly commercialism platforms. It is the best that I actually have ever encountered among all the binary options brokers I actually have reviewed to this point. Easy use is one of the foremost vital aspects investors look for after they decide which broker they prefer to work with. After you get a boost from their investment guides, sixty seconds trading platform, and up to 100% bonus, you get one of the foremost complete packages.

Available Assets/Option Varieties

Titan Trade offers a huge variety of currencies, commodities, indices and stocks which investors can choose from before making an investment.

Option varieties include the subsequent features:

- Long Term Binary Options Trading (Expiry dates are available up to 10 months forward on all currencies, stocks, and indices)
- High/Low (Standard Call or Put Option)
- Sixty Seconds (Investors choose from a "Call" or "Put" option on any chosen asset with the potential to make up to 85% on trade)
- One bit (Considered as a lucrative opportunity that allows investors to make between %150-%500 profit on any position they open)
- Pairs (Investors are allowed to choose whether or not a particular asset can beat out another among a set time frame)

Forex Portal Software Options

- Rollover (Permits investors to "roll" expiry time over to the next expiry time available if they feel there is a possibility that an option will expire "out-of-the-money")
- Double Up (Allows investors to open an option that is exactly like the one they already opened)
- Buy Out (Allows investors to sell an option before the expiry time if they feel there is a possibility that the trade is not profitable)

Training Programs

Titan Trade offers all investors that decide to open associate account a private 1-on-1 educational program that suites both the expertise and personal goals of that individual. A dedicated account manager is instantly assigned to you and guides you throughout the complete process; from giving help on how to use the trading platform, providing you with tips and pointers, to helping you on your way to becoming a victorious investor. They ensure that you successfully fulfill your full investment potential.

Customer Support

Titan Trade offers its investors round the clock client support that provides valuable solutions and answers to all or any queries concerning Forex trading in Canada, client satisfaction, platform options explanation, account types, FAQ's, instructional packages, etc.

Reviewed by: Canada Forex Portal

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Titan Trade Welcome Bonus
Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $800
Refer a Friend:
$50 per Referral
Deposit Bonus Information:   (Updated: 04/09/2020)
Titan Trade offers investors anywhere between 20%-75% welcome bonus depends on their experience and financial objectives. Users are also eligible for other attractive features & benefits depend on the account type they have chosen to open.

"Titan Trade" User Comments


Titan Trade

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"i don't even know why titan trade is even on this list they are bunch of scammers as soon as they
have lost all money then they beg you for more money and they are very convincing,cause they still owe me 42,000 usa dollars.I HAVE TO GIVE THEM 1 STAR FOR THIS RATING TO GO THRU, NO STAR WOULD BE BETTER ,and i hope titan trade sees this review ,and would want clear things up on there end

Posted: July 08th, 2017

Titan Trade

  (Score: 4 out of 5)

"They consistently have higher payouts than other binary sites. This 1-2% extra really adds up for making high volume of trades."

Posted: June 09th, 2014
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