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Pound / Canadian Dollar: 5-Day Technical Forecast, News, and Events Over the Next Five Days - Pound Sterling Live

The Pound-to-Canadian Dollar exchange rate has risen strongly since the Bank of England rate meeting on Thursday, which resulted in the Sterling half of the pair strengthening. GBP/CAD has now broken clearly above a major trendline and the 50-day ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/20/2017

Canadian Dollar Shaken by BoC Threats on Currency Value - Pound Sterling Live

In a speech to the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority, Lane spoke of the calamitous effect a strong Canadian Dollar had on Canada's non-resource exporters up to the financial crisis and throughout the commodity boom, before firing a shot ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/20/2017

Why Has the US Dollar Been Consistently Falling Throughout 2017? - International Banker

Throughout 2017, however, the greenback has taken a long and sustained nosedive to hit multi-year lows. The U.S. Dollar Index, which measures the value of the dollar against a weighted basket of currencies belonging to six of the United States' biggest ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/20/2017

Aben Completes 9 Holes at Forrest Kerr Gold Project in BC's Golden Triangle Region - Markets Insider

The "Yukon Resource Gateway Project" is critical to help advance exploration and develop new mining projects with improved access to our Justin Project and others, for the benefit of the Yukon's First Nations, rural Yukon communities, and Canada in ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/20/2017

New varieties rescue wheat crop - Western Producer

"The droughts that we experienced in Saskatchewan in the '80s … certainly produced much lower yields." Other wheat growers near Gehl's farm are also reporting decent to strong yields. "I've got shareholders in that Regina area, where they got less ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/20/2017

USD/CAD Canadian Dollar Lower as Fed Week Begins - MarketPulse (blog)

The Canadian dollar fell on Monday after the US dollar is trading near the 1.23 price level. The September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting kicks off on Tuesday and the market expects that when it ends on Wednesday the US central bank ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Canada Forex Portal on 09/19/2017

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